14 August 2017

Being engaged: One year on...

5 things I learnt being engaged

Today marks the one year anniversary that Sean got down on one knee at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC and popped the big question that every girl wants to hear.

I was surprised to say the least. We have been together since we were 16 so obviously we had talked about it before and I knew it would happen one day, but I wasn't expecting it at that moment in our lives. After laughing in his face for a good 5 minutes before even answering, I can still feel the reaction on my face.

One year on, we still need to buy the house that we have been dreaming about for so long which is on the cards for next year and then the big day will happen in August 2019. I'm sure there will be lots more wedding related content to come in the next 2 years but I thought I would start it off with sharing 5 things that I have learnt in the last year.

1) You will live in a happy bubble: It was the first proper night of our holiday that Sean proposed and he couldn't have picked a better time. We told our families the day after it happened (who already knew and were waiting for the confirmation) and then we just kept it to ourselves for the rest of the two weeks. It was only when we returned that we made it 'Facebook official' and I will treasure those two weeks for being able to spend some quality time with my FeyoncĂ© (yeah that's right I went there) and generally being the happiest I have ever been in my life.

2) The response is overwhelming: Once we had made it 'Facebook official', the congratulations started pouring in. It was lovely reading everyones comments of well wishes but it was certainly an overwhelming period of time. Everyone asks you about your plans; when will we get married, who will be your bridesmaids, what colour scheme are you going for? And whilst they mean no harm in asking these questions it starts to make you think...oh my god, what have I let myself in for?

3) Long engagement = more time to plan and save: I always hated the idea of a long engagement (and I still do, in fact) but what I've realised is that having all of this extra time means that I can spend all the time in the world planning every little detail of our big day and making sure it is perfect for us. Not to mention it gives us chance to save more money so we can have the day that we really want (how much for a videographer?!?!)

4) Pinterest is amazing: Ok so you already knew this, and anyone who says they don't have a secret wedding board is lying I tell you! But seriously Pinterest is really amazing for getting you started with your planning and also has lots of great ideas, if like me you are planning to DIY a lot of the wedding.

5) Enjoy it: I only ever plan on being engaged once in my life so I'm trying to take the time to enjoy every single moment of the process because I know the next two years are really going to fly by.

08 August 2017

The ultimate summer midi

Summer stripe midi dress

I told myself I wasn't going to buy this dress, I was going to be a good girl and save the money. But then Miss Selfridge came along with a 20% discount code and then the rest was history. But there's no regrets on my side.

These pictures were taken on our recent trip to Edinburgh, specifically on the day that we decided to go to Holyrood Park. What I didn't quite realise, was how much of a climb it was going to be to get to Arthur's Seat (the highest point in Edinburgh), and how impractical of an outfit this was. With the exception of my shoes, which do not go at all, but for a day of walking, exploring and climbing up hills I definitely needed some kind of appropriate footwear. Needless to say, I received some very strange looks from the hikers who were all geared up for their ascent.

The next time I wear this dress, I'll make sure it's at the seaside with an ice cream in hand.

Summer stripe midi dress

Summer stripe midi dress

Summer stripe midi dress

Summer stripe midi dress

Summer stripe midi dress

Dress: Miss Selfridge | Jacket: New Look

04 August 2017

That white broderie dress...

Some dresses make you feel bad, some dresses make you feel good and others just make you feel like  you can conquer just about anything...like wandering round a field of lavender full of bees.

Last Saturday, my friends and I took a trip to Somerset Lavender Farm and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out some of the holiday clothes I've been sneakily buying before our trip to Italy in August. At first I wasn't sure about this Broderie Anglaise number, I was debating sending it back because I wasn't sure. But after trying it on for the third time I decided to commit, and actually once I styled it with some trainers I fell head over heels.

Now in my head it seemed like a perfectly sensible idea to wear top to toe white (with a pop of red of course), but with the rain showers we've been having lately it was inevitable that I would return from the trip with shoes caked in mud and splashes of brown up the back of my beautiful dress. Live and learn Clair!

Dress: ASOS | Trainers: ASOS | Bag: Accessorise 

02 August 2017

Which Benefit blushers should you invest in?

Which Benefit blushes should you invest in?

A couple of weeks ago I caved and purchased my third benefit blusher. I'd seen such lovely reviews about Galifornia that I just couldn't resist. But at £24.50 a pop it did make me wonder what it was about those little boxes that just make me excited every time I see them? And if I'm, like many others, so easily led by all the hype, how can we know which ones are worth the money? I thought I'd share with you a round up of the ones that I have chosen to invest my money in.

Hervana was my first venture into Benefit blushers and I'm only just starting to hit pan. It's made up of four individual colours that when swirled together creates a soft, warm pink with a shimmery finish. It's not overly pigmented which I like as it means you can build the colour up a much or as little as you like.

Dallas was next on my list, and is quite an unusual pick for me. Being a super pale girl I used to stay well away from anything that even resembled a bronzer. But then I discovered Dallas and realised that there were options out there that could look natural on my skin tone (although it looks super scary in my swatch!). Dallas is a warm toned shimmery powder with pinker undertones that I use on the apples of my cheek to give a healthy glow.

There's no denying that Benefits latest blush release is one pretty lady. From the packaging, to the colour and even the smell there's really not much that you can't love about this product. Giving you the perfect 'golden-pink' summery glow, this is one that is a firm staple in my holiday makeup bag.

Dandylion Twinkle...I'm coming for you next!

Which Benefit blushes should you invest in?

Which Benefit blushes should you invest in?

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