28 July 2016


Some people love it, some people hate it but I am definitely on the love it side of the fence when it comes to highlighters. Having very dry and lack luster skin, I'm always on the look for products that are going to give me a subtle, yet radiant glow and so I thought I'd share with you my products of choice. Trust me I've done a lot of research in this area...

This is the newest highlighter to my collection and has fast become my favourite, despite normally avoiding creamy products like this. A little dab here and there gives you an instant dewy glow. I literally can't recommend it enough for the quality, the price point and the fact it is literally going to last forever with you only needing the smallest amount. 

This gorgeous complexion-enhancer may cost a small fortune but it is worth the investment. I actually like to use this one all over my face to set my make up when I'm feeling like my face needs an artificial pick-me-up. This little beauty really helps to blurs imperfections, minimise pores and all that jazz. Of course you can use it just on cheek bones and so on, but wheres the fun in that?!

I've been using this dreamy pick for years (as you can tell by the photo), it was actually the first highlighter I ever purchased come to think about it! The minimal fuss is what attracts me most to this one. No brushes needed and minimal blending for my skin tone resulting in the most perfect pearly glow.

Are you highlighter obsessed like me? Are there any others I should add to my stash?

P.s. note to self: make sure you clean products before photographing them 


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