23 July 2015


products for sweat proof make up

Whilst we haven't exactly been having the best of weather over the past 2 weeks, it certainly has been humid and when you work in an office that doesn't have windows...it can sometimes get a little clammy! This often means my makeup routine needs tweaking slightly. So I've put together a few tips that you can use to take on the heat with waterproof, melt-proof and long lasting make up.&nbsp

Start with a clean base

Making sure your face is nice and clean before you apply any makeup is so important to making your makeup last longer in the heat. If you apply foundation on top of oil or dirt, it's inevitably going to slip off easier. So make sure you start by thoroughly cleansing your skin - I'm using the Garnier Pure Active Cleansing Gel at the moment which is great for getting really deep into the pores.

Lightweight foundation is best

The thicker the foundation you wear, the more likely you are to sweat (that goes for moisturiser too!). I actually try to use the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser during the summer as it gives me enough coverage and feels light on the skin. But for those of you who need a bit more, try to go for an oil-free foundation where possible.

Powder, powder, powder!

I always set my foundation/tinted moisturiser with the MAC Mineralise Skin Natural Powder. It's light and evens out skin tone. If I start to get a buildup of shine throughout the day on my t-zone, I apply an extra layer just to that area and I find it soaks any excess oil up.

Always use waterproof mascara 

One of my biggest bugbears in the summer is when you get panda eyes because it has rubbed off. It took me a long time to realise that just using a waterproof mascara like the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara was the answer and I've never had a problem since. And whilst we're on the subject of panda eyes, a liquid eyeliner like the Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner is another great product to have in your arsenal.

Cream products are your saviour

I know I just said to use powder to set your foundation, but when it comes to anything else cream products are the best, particularly cream blushes! Powder blush can make oily areas appear more apparent, leaving a patchy look. A cream blush looks far more natural and blends into the skin well. My favourites are the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks which I reviewed a few months ago here.&nbsp


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