25 January 2015


Lately, I've been in a bit of a make up rut. You could definitely describe my daily make up as quick and simple. I wear the same products day in and day out, and even though I have a whole stash of other products I always seem to gravitate towards the ones I know work for me (I know your guilty of it too!). But now it's time to change that and I've come up with a list of tips that will help both me and hopefully you break that pattern. 

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to do this is to get inspiration from other people. If your reading this blog it is more than likely you have a whole list of other bloggers you follow. Take the time to look back through their blogs and see the kind of looks they are wearing and see if it is something which can work for you. Pinterest is always a great place to look to and you can create your own board of make up looks you want to try. That way when you have that special date night or girly evening you have a reference of looks you can go back to.

The two easiest things you can do differently to totally change your look are the eyes and lips. It's quite amazing how just wearing that brighter lipstick will transform your existing make up look with minimal effort. So go on, grad that MAC Rebel lipstick and don't look back!

Take some time to have a play around and experiment with different products that you already own. Sometimes when I get home from work I find myself with nothing to do, but now I'm going to utilise this time by putting some Sex and the City on TV and trialling some products. This is the time when I can practise some of those looks that I've found on Pinterest and make sure they work for me instead of trying them before going out and making a horrible mess (this has happened on many occasions)

Don't be scared to wear something a little different to what you normally would. Be brave and wear that dark lipstick or smokey eye without fear of what others will think. Chances are they will pay more attention to your confidence rather than what your actually wearing. I'm going to apply exactly the same principal when I go out later, that berry coloured lipstick that has been in my drawers for the past couple of weeks is certainly going to be on my lips tonight.

My last tip for getting out of that make up rut is to organise your make up stash. In all the excitement of buying new products in your local Boots on a weekly basis (if your anything as naughty as I am), it's quite likely that you will have totally forgotten what you actually have and by taking the time to organise your make up you'll find your old favourite blush or that lip liner you forgot you even had. 

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