27 October 2014



Halloween is fast approaching and whilst not everyone likes to dress up in a full costume, you can always get into the halloween spirit with some spooky nails. This is a super easy DIY with some colours that you probably already have at home, all you need is black, silver and clear for the base and top coat. I'll be sporting these nails whilst dressed as a female version of Jigsaw if all goes according to plan (photos of that to follow)

- I started by giving myself a mini manicure - push your cuticles down with a pusher (if you have a cutter you can remove them altogether) and buff your nails slightly with a nail file
- Paint your nails with your favourite base coat. I simply used a Barry M clear polish
- Next, paint your nails with two thin coats of black until you have a smooth opaque finish
- Take your thin brush and dip it into your silver polish. You guessed it, I used another Barry M polish, this time it was there Silver foil edition. Paint three thin lines that come from the corner of the nail. Do this for all nails, changing which corner you start in and allow to dry.
- Once dry, connect those lines with little 'u' like lines (something I didn't do a great job at this time). You should now see the spider web starting to take shape. I have little nails so did two rows of 'u's on each finger except my thumb.
- Lastly,  apply a top coat to keep your design in tact.

P.s. Excuse the bad photo, my camera battery died and I really wanted to share these nails with you. 

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