23 November 2013


Happy Saturday everyone! This week has gone so quick, I can't believe its Saturday again. I swear as you get older the time jut starts to fly by...
Anyway, enough of that, I've got another quick and easy DIY for you today - a jewelled headband! I just love anything that sparkles! If you were to buy one of these babies from somewhere like Accessorize or ASOS it would probably set you back £10, but this tutorials is much cheaper and so easy to do. Here goes!


All you need is: 

A plastic headband
Rhinestone Gems
Strong glue

Step One

Brush a small section of the headband with the glue and leave for a minute or two until it is tacky.

Step Two

Using your tweezers randomly pick up gems and place all over the headband.

Step Three

Repeat Steps on an two until the whole headband is covered in jewels.

Step Four

Leave it to set over night so the jewels aren't going anyway when you put the hair band on.
#DIY Jewelled Headband
Don't forget to send me pictures if you try any of my #DIY out :)
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  1. such a cute diy :)
    it was nice to meet you today!

    xx Vivi


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