12 November 2013


DIY Chevron Midi Ring Step by Step Tutorial
DIY Chevron Midi Ring Step by Step Tutorial
DIY Chevron Midi Ring Step by Step Tutorial

Has anyone else been obsessing over midi rings like me? Yes. Well look no further my friends because here is the easiest DIY guide to making your own. I found this midi ring on Shop Dixi and immediately wanted to give it a go making something similar. It really is so easy and all you need is some craft wire, wire cutters and some flat nosed pliers...

Step 1

Unravel about 5inches of wire and form a chevron in the middle. Now I like my chevrons to be more like a subtle bend, but if you wanted to make it really sharp you can use the flat nosed pliers to give it that edge. 

Step 2

Place the chevron against the finger you want your ring to fit. Bend the wire around to the back of your finger to form the shape of the ring and twist the wires around each other.

Step 3

Trim the ends of the wire and bend them back on themselves.This will hook the ring together and also stop any sharp edges digging into your skin. If you do have any sharp edges, use a nail file to smooth them out. 

Step 4

Follow steps 1-3 for the matching ring, making sure to measure the chevrons next to each other to check the bends are similar. 

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY. What do you think of midi rings?

Clair xo

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