09 September 2013



I can already hear you saying 'Oh no, not another Baby Lips review' and it is true the hype surrounding this product since its launch in the UK has been huge. And I'm actually ashamed to say that I didn't even realise what it was until I was in Superdrug the other day and noticed it at the checkout and thought I would give it ago, despite not reading any reviews! And I'm actually rather impressed...

Maybelline have released 6 versions of their lip balm into the UK so far, but I opted for just the standard 'Hydrate' as my lips are starting to get a little dry in this changing weather. The lip balm glides over the lips really smoothly and does make them feel smooth and surprisingly hydrated. Maybelline claim that this hydration lasts up to 8 hours but I'm yet to feel it working for that long. I find that as soon as Baby Lips wears off...so does the hydration. But thats no different to any other standard lip balm right? And for £2.99 you can hardly complain. 

I think that Maybelline Baby Lips add a bit of fun to the Mabelline range. The packaging is bright and colourful and all the products smell really nice - 'hydrate' particularly with its lemony scent yummy!

If your after a quick fix for dry lips then this is the product for you.  

What do you think of Maybelline Baby Lips?

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