07 August 2013

DIY Tinted Moisturiser

Now don't get me wrong, I love summer as much as the next person. I would pick summer over winter any day of the week. But my skin isn't such a fan of it. Having really dry skin already, in the summer months my skin just dries out even more and my foundation looks terrible. I started using Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and I fell in love. It glided over my skin and gave me the perfect coverage despite only being a tinted moisturiser. But I didn't fall in love with the price tag, at £33 a pop it's hardly purse friendly and will something I ask for at Christmas and birthdays rather than a everyday item. 

But I think I've found the solution. It almost seems silly talking about this as it seems so obvious but about a week ago I was playing with my make-up as you do and I suddenly thought why don't I mix my moisturiser in with my foundation. One pump of each, mix together and hey presto you've got yourself a DIY tinted moisturiser that works just as well! The results are excellent, but make sure you use a moisturiser that is the same consistency as your foundation as I've found using a thicker moisturiser makes it clumpy. 

I'm really chuffed with the results and its become my go to skin base since the weather has heated up in the UK.
DIY Tinted Moisturiser | MACFoundation | Benefit Moisturiser



  1. i usually put face cream before I will apply foundation, i guess same as you did.

  2. I do that to, but my skin is really dry and isn't enough sometimes :( Thanks for reading!


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