14 June 2013

MAC Blush Love - Peachtwist

I've been in a bit of a rut with my make-up lately, wearing the same things everyday! So I challenged myself to wear one different thing everyday for a week and I've fallen in love with a blush I had forgotten about. MAC Peachtwist is a darker peach colour with a shimmery gold finish. Even though its supposed to be a sheertone colour, you have to be easy with the brush as its really pigmented. I have quite rosy cheeks anyway so I normally stay away from darker blushes, but I just love the colour. I think this colour is definitely worth a look if your looking to invest in a new blusher!


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  1. I actually have been on the look out for a new blush but something that's different to what I usually use (pinks/corals). This is just gorgeous and I love the golden tone to it! Definitely gonna have a look next time I'm at MAC :)


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