13 May 2013

Wish List #2

Topshop, Nike Blazer Hi Tops, Loreal Stain Splash, Ciate, Bourjois. Weekly wish list

Week two of my shopping ban and so far so good. I haven't bought anything that wasn't essential in one whole week, and yes I am classing the shower gel I bought at the weekend essential. I thought doing these wish lists would make it harder and tempt me even more, and in some ways it does. But I do find it quite relaxing seeing whats around in the shops and whats coming into fashion. I'm very much an impulse buyer but doing things this way means I have time to think about it. I won't go out on a whim and buy something that will sit at the back of my cupboard never to be used. That being said I was very tempted by the Topshop crop shirt. I love the detail on the back, its the simple things that make something look much more effective and gives a twist to classic styles.

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