09 May 2013

How to...Wear Brogues!

A picture of Topshop Tan Brogues

I wanted to try and do something a little different today. I bought these brogues from Topshop last year because I thought they looked really cute, but when I got home I started to become unsure, did I actually have anything that would go with brogues? Is this my kind of style? I started looking through my wardrobe and putting together some outfits which is when my love of brogues really started to come alive. I realised that brogues are for everyone and can pretty much go with everything! 

Look 1 - Casual

A picture of how to style brogues for a casual daytime look

Pair your brogues with any pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt and a blazer and your ready to go. The more simple the outfit, the better in my eyes as this gives the brogues a real chance to stand out and give your outfit that edge. This is the perfect look for going shopping, comfy but cute.  

Look 2 - Daytime Cute

A picture of how to style brogues for a casual daytime look

This is my other favourite way to wear brogues. You can wear them with any floral dress and they will instantly look great. The manlyness of the shoes tones down that girly side to give you a great balance. I like to go back to my primary school days with this one and wear my brogues with some cute white socks.

Look 3 - Night time 

A picture of how to style brogues for an evening look

Occasionally, when I don't feel in the mood to wear heels (or if I know its going to be quite a heavy night and its safer to stay away from heels) I like to wear brogues as an alternative. Be sure to team it with a bright outfit so that it doesn't look too daytime, but in my opinion a nice pair of shorts and blazer is perfect for an evening look.



  1. Love your style! :)

    I nominated you for the Liebster award :) http://peace-loveandmake-up.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/the-liebster-award.html

    Stacey x

  2. I always wear them with tights and dresses. Love the different ideas. Loving that floral dress too!




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