15 May 2013

DIY Aztec Denim Shorts

DIY Aztec Denim Shorts

As you can see from my bio, I like to craft. I love seeing something go from one thing to another and especially if it's something I get to wear. When we had that brief spell of sunny weather, I saw a lot of denim shorts with cool aztec style prints in different positions on the shorts. Some were all over, some just on the front and some just on the back pocket, they really caught my eye. I started looking round for a pair when it hit me. Why don't I just do it myself?! I have an old pair of shorts I don't use and you can always find cheap fabric on ebay...so thats what I did! :)

It's really easy to do and you need very little for this but it looks so effective, you can hardly tell I've done this myself. 

Here's what you will need...

DIY Aztec Denim Shorts

A pair of old shorts
Some aztec printed fabric (I got mine from Ebay)
Tracing paper
Fabric Glue
Pencil and Rubber

STEP 1 - Place your tracing paper directly over the area you want to add your fabric. trace around the area to give you a template

DIY Aztec Denim Shorts

STEP 2 - Cut out your template and put it into position on your shorts to make sure it is the right fit. Make any adjustments now to make sure it is perfect. 

DIY Aztec Denim Shorts

STEP 3 - Once you've decided the template is ready, place it on top of your chosen fabric and cut it out. Use pins to secure it down if you find it easier. 

DIY Aztec Denim Shorts

You should end up with something like this... 

DIY Aztec Denim Shorts

STEP 4 - Using your fabric glue, lightly cover the fabric making sure you get right into the corners. Follow your glues instructions, on my glue I had to wait 10 minutes until it was tack before I applied it to my shorts. Also be careful of the fumes coming from your glue. I started getting a headache when I left mine open for a while. 

DIY Aztec Denim Shorts

STEP 5 - Position your fabric onto your shorts and move around until you are happy with where it is placed. I would wait a further 10 minutes just to make sure its dry before wearing. And heres your finished product

DIY Aztec Denim Shorts


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  1. Hi Claire,

    These look amazing! A very simple yet effective tutorial.

    I wish I had the legs to pull off shorts lol.

    Thanks for sending me your blog address over twitter.

    Following now :)

    Stop over mine when you get the chance.




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