25 April 2013

Review: Garnier Simply Essentials Make-Up Remover

I saw a friend of mine using the Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make-Up Remover to remove her make-up one day, and I thought hmm could this be better than the ever so convenient make-up remover wipes? I often find that make-up wipes don't quite remove all of my mascara (perhaps its just the brands I've used) but I always seem to wake up in the morning with panda eyes! Not a good look when your staying round your boyfriends...

I wouldn't say I have sensitive skin, I pretty much use whatever I want on my face without any problems, but I do like to be a bit more careful when it comes to my eyes. The Garnier 2 in 1 Make-Up Remover is great because it is contains no perfume, no alcohol and you don't need to rub your eyes like mad to get your make-up off. Excellent. 

To use, simply pour onto a cotton pad and wipe over face. I like to do this in circular motions because I feel like I'm really getting everything off. Whether this is true I have no idea, but it works for me :)

The Good
It really does do what it says on the tin. It removes ALL of my make-up, even stubborn waterproof mascara which can be quite tricky at times and it does it without irritating my eyes. The picture below shows me after using it, totally naked right there guys! The other picture is a cotton pad that i have wiped just once over my face showing you how effective this product is. Or maybe that I put too much make-up on. Hmmm....

The Bad

Being an oil based product, it can leave your skin feeling slightly oil which is fine if you have dry skin like mine and dream of a bit of moisture in your skin. But its not so good if you already have oily skin and want to avoid putting even more oil into your skin. 
The only other issue I have with this product is the lid. I don't know if I just have a dodgy bottle but for some reason the lid doesn't shut properly, so when I go to give it a good shake to mix it up, I get showered with make-up remover. 

Overall Thoughts
I definitely think I would buy this product again in the future. I would like to try a few different liquid make-up removers to see how it holds up in comparison but for £2.99 for a bottle that lasts you a lot longer than make-up wipes I have no serious complaints :)

Packaging   -   2 / 5
Performance  -  5 / 5
Oilyness       -  4 / 5
Value for Money - 5 / 5
Overall   4 / 5

What do you guys think of the product? Do you have any more recommendations for me?

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