22 April 2013

BathVA Vintage Fashion Fair

Yesterday, me and my friend decided to take advantage of one of the events during Bath in Fashion 2013. Unfortunately I missed most of the events because I was away so I was very excited. Having never been to a vintage fashion fair before, I didn't really know what to expect. But I definitely wasn't disappointed!

When we first walked into Green Park Station we entered a room which was full of different style hats and scarves. As we walked in further there was a lot more than hats and scarves. Racks and racks of clothes, tables of costume jewellery and even antique furniture. It was fascinating looking around at all the items, there were so many great bargains to be found! Everyone was really in the vintage spirit, there was 1950s styled music being played, people were trying on clothes and there was even people having their hair done in retro styles. Something I was very tempted to have done to!  

I really enjoyed looking at all the costume jewellery, so many great finds with character and history!

 My favourite thing to look for was these vintage quilts. The one on the top of this pile was beautiful and was reasonably priced at £40. But unfortunately it doesn't match my bedroom, darn!

The fair was also a really good source for vintage fabric. There was a wide range of beautiful cotton fabrics with an array of patterns which would make beautiful skirts and dresses.

I thoroughly enjoyed going to the Vintage Fashion Fair and I must say I'm totally converted! I'll be looking out for more events like this in my area in the future.


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