26 June 2012

L'oreal Glam Shine Miss Candy

I recently tweeted about Superdrug having a 3 for 2 offer on all their products and decided to indulge in a few more lip products (as of I didn't have enough but shhh I won't tell if you don't!)

The latest addition to L'oreals lipglosses are the Miss Candy glosses. They are two tone lip glosses that mix well to create a beautiful colour with their 'swirl technology'. I purchased 2 of the 6 available in the colours 'Bubble Pink' and 'Miss Candy'. Bubble Pink is a lovely everyday coral colour which blends in well with your natural lip colour whereas Miss Candy is a clear sparkly colour (despite looking lilac in the bottle) which gives any matte lipstick a new lease of life with a sparkly finish. 

As non of the other colour took my fancy I decided to try one of the caress lipsticks in the shade 'Cheeky Magenta'. As you can see in the picture below (although a little dark, sorry!) its a bright fushia colour which a gorgeous shine. I find this lipstick to be long lasting and really moistures my lips at the same time. Bonus!

Cheeky Magenta

From left to right: Bubble Pink, Miss Candy and Cheeky Magenta

All these products are available to buy from Superdrug and Boots. The Miss Candy glosses are £7.65 and the Caresse lipsticks are £7.99


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