28 May 2012

Review: The Sparkler All Over Shimmer by The Body Shop

Just before christmas I managed to get my hands on this very sought after body glitter from The Body Shop. BUT until last weekend I totally forgot about it (silly me!). I used it this past Saturday on a night out with my friends and I must say it will be a staple product for me on nights out in the future. The  limited edition item is a shimmery powder with flecks of glitter which can be used all over the body including your hair! I used it on my legs and chest area to give me a little sparkle. I avoided using it on my face because I didn't want to look like a disco ball! But I'm sure with careful application it would make you stand out from the crowd.

So whats good about it?
It comes in two colours; silver/pink and gold. I opted for the silver/pink as I have pale skin so it would suit my skin tone better. It gives your skin the perfect shimmer and it looks really pretty on your dressing table too!

And the bad...
The atomiser was quite expensive, about £15 if I remember rightly and being limited addition make sit hard to get your hands on.


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