27 May 2012

London Shopping Haul

My sister has been nagging me to go shopping to London with her for a long time and we finally found time to go yesterday. We booked our tickets weeks in advance to get the best deal and in the end it only cost me £20 to get the train there, including an oyster card (thank you student rail card), and if you live in my part of England you know thats an absolute bargain. Anyway I thought I would show you some things I brought whilst on our little shopping trip.

Lets start with clothes because this is the main reason we went! We really wanted to see what the Forever 21 was like in the UK. I've heard reports that it is not as good in the UK as it is in the USA however I was thoroughly impressed with it. Apart from the fact its not as cheap as in the US (but still affordable prices nevertheless) I found there to be a large selection with on trend pieces and friendly staff. I only bought 3 items but intend on saving saving saving and going back for my birthday in August. The first item I brought was a simple white sheer vest top with a tie bow. For only £8.75 this was an absolute bargain and now I wish I had bought it in navy too! The next top I purchased was a beautiful baby pink blouse with detailing around the neck for £14.75. It is sheer again too however has a texture to the material. The last thing I bought was a coral polka-dot dress, again with a tie bow around the neck. I thought this would be lovely to wear during summer with a pair of wedges and would be perfect for a variety of occasions. The dress again cost £14.75 which I thought was an amazing price for such a nice item.

The next shop we went to was the newly opened Gilly Hicks on Regent Street. it is joined with Hollister next door and is absolutely huge! I have to admit to getting lost a few times. I bought a white slouch top for £18 which would look great with a simple pair of denim shorts and flip-flops on any summers day. I also got a simple t-shirt for £20. I'm a sucker for wearing t-shirts, I just find them so comfy!

Now lets move on to the beauty items! Again, I purchased 3 items, 2 of which were essential purchases because I had run out! I needed a new cleanser and felt like a change from my normal. As I said in my New York haul I have been using the Benefit Facial Emulsion and have been so impressed I thought I would try something else from the line so went for the Foamingly Clean Facial Wash. It was £16.50 and hopefully will live up to my expectations. Whilst in the Benefit shop, I also thought I would try out the It's Real mascara that everyone has been raving about as I needed a new mascara anyway. I'm yet to try this out yet but as soon as I do I'll let you know what I think. Lastly, whilst having a little look around Selfridges in the Chanel section, my eye caught this beautiful lipgloss in Jalousie. The picture below does not do it justice at all. It is a beautiful fuchsia pink lipgloss which is highly pigmented. £20 is not what I would normally spending on a lipgloss but I couldn't resist this little gem.


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