28 February 2012

New York Beauty Haul!

Last week I went to New York with my sister and cousin on a mini girly get away. It was just what I needed after a stressful beginning to my university term. But now I'm back and I thought I would share some of the beauty purchases that I made during our stay, baring in mind that I saved for half a year for this trip! I feel this could be quite a lengthy blog so here goes...


The first thing I was looking for was a new everyday foundation. I've been wearing the MAC Mineralize foundation in NC15 (yes, I'm very pale!) but I've found that its very heavy for a day to day look and I was after something that still gives me the coverage I need but not as heavy. The lady at the MAC counter suggested the MAC Matchmaster foundation in 01 and I'm glad she did! I'm very lucky with my skin in that it's rare I break out but I do have red cheeks and nose and this foundation does the perfect job in evening out my skin tone. I can hardly feel I have any foundation on at all!

Next thing from MAC I got was something Ive needed for a long time, a bronzing brush. As mentioned before I am very pale so I don't go over board on the bronze but I was looking for a brush that would give me a nice glow and save me from cleaning my blush brush every two minutes. So low and behold I got my hands on the MAC109 Small Contour brush. I highly recommend all MAC brushes (probably like every person who uses MAC) and think that make up brushes, whilst being very expensive at times, are definitely worth investing your money in.

I'm definitely a lipstick girl as you will be able to tell through this blog. I think a bright lip is the perfect way to jazz up any make up look. I like my lips to look shiny but I'm not keen on stickiness, so whilst having a look round I discovered for the first time the Sheen Supreme Lipstick. Yes I know they have been out a while but I'm a bit behind! Anyway, these lipsticks are the perfect mix of a lipstick anda lipgloss which is perfect for me. The colour is called Behave yourself and is lovely for everyday looks.

I don't always wear eye shadow everyday but when I saw this eye shadow quad I had to try it out. Its from the Shop MAC collection which is out in the USA but I don't think it's out in the UK quite yet. Its called Shop & Drop and contains all the colours you need to create a purple.pink look with your eyes. The colours are Sugar Snack (Matte), Hypnotising (Frost), Power Boosted (Veluxe Pearl) and Shop & Drop (Satin). I'm particularly a fan of hypnotising which is a frost and glides over your eyes like a dream.

And last but by no means least is the brand new Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Lipstick! I was so excited to see this in the shop and colour is to die for. As much as I loved Viva Glam Gaga, and still do I might add, this is definitely going to become my staple lipstick for a night out on the town. The colour is a beautiful coral satin lipstick and I'm looking forward to wearing it as soon as possible!


I only own one NARS lipgloss and I love it! The texture is perfect, not to sticky and they have beautiful colours. I got my hands on one of the larger than life lip glosses in Born This Way. It reminds me of MACs Morning Glory but without the glitter. I love the packagings for NARS products, this lipgloss looks very smooth, sleek and sophisticated.

The last thing from NARS was my first multiple! I've wanted to try one of these babies for ages but the price has always put me off. This colour is called Copacabana and looks beautiful on pale skin tones. I'm not sure how universal this product is, I think I'll mainly use it for highlighting.

Bobbi Brown

I've never really been all that into Bobbi Brown, I've always looked at the products and thought they were nice but there was never anything that pushed me to buy something until I saw the new Rose Gold collection. The collection contains two shimmer bricks and a bunch of lip products which I'm sad to say I didn't buy any for some reason. Big regret there! When the collection hits the UK I'll definitely be picking a few of those up! But I'm very happy I purchased the Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold. The colour creates soft warm glow which is going to be perfect for the summer I can tell.


The last purchase of the holiday was a Rouge Volupte Perle Lipstick from YvesSaintLaurent in the colour 114 Fuchsia Scintillant. This was a last minute impulse buy as I had no intention of spending anymore, damn the god sales guy in Macys! But anyway I immediately feel in love with the packaging and was sold. The lipstick case is gold in colour and features a pink band of colour with the YvesSaintLaurent logo surrounding the tube. The colour may look a little scary to some people but it is very sheer on the first application and can be built on for a more intense colour. At $37 it was very pricey, I don't know if I would have brought this if I was at home but I'm glad I did as it's nice to try new brands all the time.

(from left to right; YvesSaintLaurent 114, MAC Viva Glam Nicki, MAC Behave Yourself and NARS Born This Way)

I can't wait to show you lots of make-up looks with this bundle of joy and maybe a fashion haul will follow.

Until next time!


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